F1.60 Focal Length 0.95mm Wide Angle Low Distortion Lens YT-7066-C1-A

  • automotive car camera lens F/NO 1.6 Extra-Large Aperture
  • 360-degree surround view systems eliminating blind spots
  • 3 Megapixel Lens for High-Resolution Imaging
  • 16mm Diameter with AA Structure
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YT-7066-C1-A: The Elite 360-Degree Surround View Camera Lens


know more about YT-3560-H1 High-Definition Lens parameters
MAX Img-Circle (mm)
EFL (mm) 0.95
F/NO. 1.6
Optical TTL 13.00
Mechanical TTL 13.00
CRA 10.8°
Pixel Size (μm) 2.1*2.1
Storage At Temperature
Recent Camera Distance 0.2M



@420~620nm Tavg≥90%

@650土10nm T=50%

Water Level



Upgrade your vehicle's perception with the YT-7066-C1-A, a premium 360-degree surround view camera lens engineered to deliver exceptional clarity, durability, and wide-angle surveillance. Here are the compelling features that make this lens a superior choice for the most advanced automotive imaging systems:


F/NO 1.6 Extra-Large Aperture for Superior Light Gathering

The YT-7066-C1-A is equipped with an F/NO 1.6 extra-large aperture, providing superior light gathering capabilities. This ensures that the lens captures high-quality images in a variety of lighting conditions, from the darkest nights to bright daylight, enhancing visibility and safety on the road.

0.95mm Focal Length for an Ultra-Wide Field of View

This lens features a 0.95mm focal length, optimized to provide an ultra-wide field of view that covers the entire surroundings of your vehicle. This expansive perspective is essential for 360-degree surround view systems, ensuring comprehensive coverage and virtually eliminating blind spots.

IP69K Waterproof and Dustproof Rating for Extreme Environments

Built to thrive in extreme conditions, the YT-7066-C1-A carries an IP69K rating, making it highly resistant to water, dust, and even high-pressure, high-temperature washing. This robust lens is designed to maintain peak performance in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +85℃, ensuring reliable operation in all climates.

Three-Megapixel Lens for High-Resolution Imaging

As a three-megapixel lens, the YT-7066-C1-A delivers high-resolution images that provide detailed and crisp visuals. This high pixel count is perfect for capturing intricate details and ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle's surroundings is clearly visible.

Optical Total Length of 13mm for a Slim Profile

The lens's optical total length is a compact 13mm, allowing for a slim and discreet integration into your vehicle's design. This compact size ensures that the lens can be installed without compromising the vehicle's aesthetics or obstructing the driver's view.


Matched with OX03D4C Sensor for a 200°+ Viewing Angle

The YT-7066-C1-A is perfectly paired with the OX03D4C sensor, ensuring a seamless performance that captures a viewing angle of over 200° both horizontally and diagonally. This extensive coverage provides a panoramic view that is perfect for 360-degree surveillance, ensuring complete awareness of your vehicle's surroundings.

16mm Diameter with AA (Aspherical and Achromat) Structure for Enhanced Image Quality The lens boasts a 16mm diameter and utilizes an AA structure, which combines aspherical and achromat lenses to significantly reduce optical aberrations and enhance image quality. This advanced optical design ensures that the captured images are sharp, clear, and free from distortion.

In summary, the YT-7066-C1-A is a top-tier 360-degree surround view camera lens that combines an ultra-wide field of view, high-resolution imaging, and robust construction to provide unparalleled surveillance capabilities. Its advanced features make it the ideal choice for vehicles seeking the highest level of safety and surveillance technology. With the YT-7066-C1-A, you can drive with confidence, knowing that your vehicle's surroundings are under constant, clear observation.


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