as one of the professional optical lens solution provider, is a responsible and reliable manufacturer that is dedicated to the research&development,production and sale of lenses more than 15 years of experience. Wintop's R&D center was established on August 2006 in Shenzhen and its manufacturing center was located in Huangmei, Hubei with an area of 15,000 square meters.

Wintop Optics has own independent optical system develop and design team, which has long-term cooperation with senior optical consultants from famous universities in China. Its products are mainly used in high-end imaging fields such as automotive monitoring camera lens, Car DVR lens, vehicle ADAS / CMS / OMS lens, security surveillance cctv lenses, intelligence home devices lens,low distortion sport camera lens, face recognition lens and wide angle fisheye lenses etc.

Wintop Optics has 50+ utility model design patents and 200+ models,continuously launching new products every quarter to lead the market direction.

Optical lens is an optical component that is a core component of an optical imaging system, used to focus light to form clear images. The main function of an optical lens is to achieve precise control of light through optical principles, thereby achieving high-quality image acquisition and processing. The main function of optical lenses is optical imaging.
As the core component of optical imaging systems in various devices, the performance of optical lenses directly determines the quality of imaging, the implementation of algorithms, and the final use effect of the equipment.
In the field of photography, optical lenses play a crucial role. The downstream of the industry is the application field of optical lenses and camera modules, mainly including consumer electronics, automotive electronics, security monitoring, machine vision and other industries. Car mounted camera lenses are widely used in the automotive industry, providing drivers with driving assistance and recording the vehicle's driving process. Car mounted camera lens typically require wide-angle field of view and high-resolution features to accurately capture the surrounding environment and provide clear images. The selection and design of optical lenses are crucial for the performance of car mounted cameras.
Cooperative Contact
Phone NO.+86 136-7613-2453

Shenzhen R&D Center
Add:E1108 Jinbolong Building,Longhua,
Hubei Production Factory
Add:Dasheng Guanshan Industrial Park,Huangmei, Hubei,China


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