case 03--Avatr

Mar 07, 2024

Huawei's vehicle-mounted DMS (Driver Monitoring System) and OMS (Occupant Monitoring System) projects benefited from the YT-7600 model lens developed by Wintop Optics. This adoption underscores the company's role in contributing to cutting-edge automotive technologies that focus on driver and passenger safety.

Car DMS/OMS (Driver Monitoring System/Occupant Monitoring System) lenses are part of advanced safety systems that monitor the driver's attentiveness and the passengers' status within the vehicle. The DMS lens focuses on the driver's face to detect signs of fatigue or distraction, while the OMS lens monitors the occupants to ensure safety features like airbags are deployed correctly. The YT-7600 model lens from Wintop Optics has been adopted for Huawei's automotive projects, highlighting its suitability for these sophisticated monitoring systems.

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