Wintop Optics New Year Gala in 2018

Mar 07, 2024

Brushing away an unforgettable era, we have ushered in another once fiery year. Time is on its way, and the stars are shifting. The glorious year of 2017 is about to leave, and the year of 2018, full of hope and challenges, is quietly approaching.

Today, all employees of Wintop Optics  gather together to celebrate the upcoming New Year. At this moment, we extend our lofty holiday greetings to our predecessors and colleagues present. Wishing everyone a happy New Year! All the best! Family health!

The 2017 Spring Festival Gala is now starting, and tonight we have prepared a rich and colorful cultural performance and lottery activities for everyone. The wheels of time have left a deep mark, standing on the new starting line.

Let us all wish the torrent a new and innovative achievement on the road of progress, and a new and brilliant party. This concludes the party, and once again, wish everyone a happy New Year! All the best! Family health!


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