• What are the special features of CCTV cameras?
    What are the special features of CCTV cameras? Mar 19, 2024
    CCTV lenses, also known as surveillance cameras or security cameras, are an important security monitoring equipment and are mainly used for security monitoring and image recording in various places. Here are some special features of CCTV footage:Multiple ways to shoot: CCTV footage can be shot in a variety of ways. For example, the lens can be fixed in a certain position for fixed-point shooting, or it can rotate in all directions, or even perform continuous shooting from multiple angles. These functions can be realized through corresponding control systems.Remote control: CCTV lenses are usually equipped with corresponding remote control systems. Users can remotely control the lens through remote control, computer or mobile phone and other devices, including adjusting the angle, focal length, brightness and other parameters of the lens, and can also view the shooting in real time. image or video.Image processing and recognition: Modern CCTV cameras are usually equipped with high-resolution image sensors and image processing chips that can process and recognize the captured images. For example, the lens can detect important information such as faces, body movements, license plate numbers, etc., and automatically identify and classify them. These features can help users better understand the conditions and anomalies in the monitored area.Motion detection and alarm: CCTV cameras can detect moving objects and automatically alarm. The system will automatically identify moving objects or people and immediately send out an alarm signal, while also sending images or videos to the designated mailbox or police department.Multiplatform compatibility: Modern CCTV lenses are compatible with multiple platforms, such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets and other devices. Users can watch in real time or record video playback in a variety of ways.To sum up, CCTV lenses have a variety of special functions that can help users better understand the conditions and abnormalities in the monitored area and improve safety and work efficiency.

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