What is the technical principle of car mounted surround lenses?

Mar 07, 2024

The technical principles of car mounted surround lenses mainly include the following aspects:

Lens design: Car surround photography typically uses multiple cameras, which are distributed around the vehicle to provide a more comprehensive view. The design of a lens needs to consider various factors, such as the focal length, aperture, angle of view, etc., in order to obtain high-quality images during the shooting process.

Shooting method: The shooting method for car surround lenses includes two aspects: hardware and software. Hardware includes cameras, brackets, power supplies, etc. It is necessary to choose high-quality equipment to ensure the stability of shooting. In terms of software, post production requires professional image processing software to fuse and concatenate images captured by multiple cameras to form the final surround lens image.

Post processing: After the shooting is completed, it is necessary to perform post processing on images from multiple cameras in order to fuse them into a complete image.


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