• Have you figured out the basic structure of a car camera?
    Have you figured out the basic structure of a car camera? Mar 20, 2024
    ✒ Lens: Gathers light and projects the scene onto the surface of the imaging medium. Some are single lenses, and some require multi-layer glass lenses for better imaging effects.✒ Filter: The scenery seen by the human eye is in the visible light band, and the light band that the image sensor can discern is larger than the human eye. Therefore, a color filter is added to filter out the excess light band, so that the image sensor can capture what many people see. actual scenery.✒ Circuit board substrate (PCB board): transmits the electrical signal of the image sensor to the back end. For vehicle cameras, the circuit substrate here will have more circuits. It is necessary to convert the parallel camera signals into serial transmission, so that the anti-interference ability is stronger Some.✒ The basic working principle is that the target object collects light through the lens, and then filters out the unnecessary infrared light through an IR filter. Finally, the generated optical image is projected onto the image sensor. The optical signal is converted into an electrical signal, and after passing through the A/D (analog-to-digital conversion), it becomes a digital image signal, and is finally sent to a DSP (digital signal processing sensor) for processing. The DSP processes the signal into an image in a specific format and transmits it to the display screen for display.✒ Generally speaking, the lens group and CIS (CMOS Image Sensor) will be packaged into a module. After becoming the lens module, it will be packaged with DSP and other image signal processing chips to form a complete camera system.The above is basically the structure of the car camera. In addition, you need to pay attention to the placement outside the car body, because to take into account the occurrence of various harsh external weather and other conditions, you need to form a complete camera. If it is in the car The built-in camera, such as a DVR, does not need to be waterproof and can be assembled into a camera module.  

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